The Beautiful and Passionate Designer Marie Bruns

Jewellery Designer, Designer Jewellers.

The Beautiful Jewellery Designer Marie Bruns

Marie Bruns:

Marie Bruns Is an artist who is a businesswoman, a Mother, and a World Traveler Lady. She handles both business and home very well. Marie Bruns has a fad for Fashion, Art and Designing. She combines her fads in to her Jewelery with a great Zeal.

My Story…:

I’ve Always been crazily fanatic about Arts and Jewels since I was a child. I was always interested in learning and wearing jewelry. Not knowing that this was a path that I might ultimately follow.

This all started about Ten(10) yearsago when I first started making jewelry. I decided I really could not find what I wanted to wear so I just started making pieces for myself and that is when friends urged me to start a business. I made pieces for several of my friends and then I suppose it just got rolling from there.

I always have been a fan of traveling. I used to constantly visit the Flea Markets, Shopping Malls, and daily Bazaars to find precious stones and other things that would nicely make up beautiful pieces of Art. That philosphy has become part of the pieces that I make.

The other factor that drove my decision to start my business was becoming a mom. I decided that it was time to start something that would give me the flexibiliy to work from home and do something I loved.

i sell my pieces in private homes via trunk shows and believe that is the best environment for my customers. I am on the embarking on the next chapter to get others to start selling my pieces and hope you might join my team!

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