Citrine Faceted Sterling Silver Band Ring


Citrine Rings, Citrine Silver.

Citrine Quartz Stone Faceted With Sterling Silver Band

A Ring is something that could be worn with or without a complete jewelry set. Any apparel costume suits fine with a Finger Citrine Band.

Marie Bruns offers completely cool and high standard fashion Citrine Rings. This Ring is made with Citrine Faceted With Sterling Silver Band. This

Citrine Ring, Silver Citrine Ring, Finger Ring, Citrine Jewelry, Citrine Jewellery

Citrine Ring with Sterling Silver Band

yellowish silver combination of the Citrine Silver Ring enhances the beauty of the finger and of the hand. The Citrine Silver Rings Designed by Marie are different from all the other Designer’s Rings because Marie uses the best quality Bands and Stones for her jewellery.

Marie Aims to make it easy for a common man or woman to buy such precious pieces of Citrine.

The Men and Women of the World conks out get Genuine Citrine Jewellery but fails to do so because of the high prices, but Marie wishes to make dreams of  the individual turn to reality by offering these at the lowest possible prices.

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