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Gold Chained Turqoise Stone Necklace By Marie Bruns

This gorgeous Necklace is a collection of Turquoise Stones and is teamed with the Gold Chain which gives it an opulent look. The Turqoise Stone is shades of blue and green, which is great for the summer.

Turquoise Necklace, Turqoise Necklace
Turqoise Stones and Gold Chain Necklace

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Marie Bruns Messy Pearl Necklace

It is amazing that how Marie can make a Mess look pretty. This time Marie has come up with a new style of necklace, She calls it Marie’s Messy Pearl Necklace. Marie has used her great styling skills to make this very edgy and totally wearable necklace. This necklace will transform any outfit and bring it a totally new feel – combine the edge of pearls with a unique look for this spring.

Pearl Necklace, Freshwater Necklace.

Beautiful Freshwater Messy Pearl Necklace

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